Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Power of Pull

The History of Information, by David Siegel from dsiegel on Vimeo.

Pull by David Siegel presents a fascinating introduction into the concept of semantic web, its technologies and options. He looks at a number of facets, with XBRL being prominent because of its advanced stage of implementation. Others are not so convincing: the fairtax chapter proposes no less than a tax revolution without even arguing why that tax system is superior to VAT - but this digression risks to escalate.

The book frequently refers to its own website, which shows interesting developments, but is painfully slow to build when accessed in a browser. Fortunately that problem goes away if you subscribe to its feed. Overall, Pull is a quick and easy to read introduction for non-technical people without much OWLing and RDFing. It's definitely worth your while if you're interested in the next evolutionary stage of the internet.

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