Saturday, March 31, 2007

Europe in a nutshell?

Geneva based Le Temps has an interesting piece comparing IORPs in French & German speaking Switzerland (via Vorsorgeforum). In short, -
  • the technical discount rate tends to be at the standard level of 4% in the Romandie, whereas it is closer to 3% in the German speaking part;
  • the coverage rate of state institutions tends to be lower in the Romandie, quoting the perpetuity of the state; nevertheless, full coverage is aspired everywhere
  • francophone funds tend to take higher risk than their German speaking counterparts, to the extent of 40% allocation vs. 30% on average, and
  • funds in the Romandie are quoted as more favourable to financial innovation. The only case in point given, though, is their elevated investment in ethical and socially responsible investments, which strikes us as an odd proxy for financial innovation.
  • Altogether, Switzerland may be seen as representing both the anglo-saxon as well as the mediterranean approach to retirement provision in one small jurisdiction with a multitude of (cantonal) supervisory institutions.

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